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Waking Life Theatrical release poster. Thousand Words. Mackey David Sosa Robert C. Solomon Steve Brudniak. Main article: Waking Life soundtrack.


British Board of Film Classification. September 19, Retrieved May 6, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved March 20, The New York Times. Retrieved July 6, July 5, Retrieved May 26, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved May 30, AV Club. Retrieved September 30, The Washington Post. San Francisco, California: Fandango Media.

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Chicago Sun-Times. Entertainment Weekly. New York City: Meredith Corporation. But you can bring this on the subway. We Live Behind the Moon Sometimes is available now here. In her new book, the celebrated former Vogue fashion director shares images from her childhood, her modeling career, and her family life, along with the countless editorials, advertisements, and covers to which she has lent her crisp eye over the years.

In their new book, the London-based photographer duo capture a crew of lifelong friends over the course of a seemingly endless summer in Australia. In his first book, the London-based photographer documents every facet of the life of a Barbadian fisherman with whom he felt an immediate kinship, acting as both visitor and companion. In his first book, the In Pursuit of Tea founder shares twenty-plus years of experience in a mix of history, cultural study, and instruction manual. One of the couples finished their business and took off for the elevators.

We walked up to the smiling girl behind the desk. She was smiling, showing off her white horse-like teeth. I opened my leather briefcase and fumbled for my wallet.

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The girl behind the counter looked as though she was trying not to grin as she tapped on the keys of her computer. The girl took our credit cards to run them through for authorization, and the man and woman to our left started to leave. My mouth fell open with surprise and disgust, and I noticed Nathan was smiling from ear to ear. I stopped chewing on my lower lip and reluctantly moved toward the elevators, maneuvering my briefcase in front of my crotch to hide the hard-on that had sprung up. I met Nathan when I was in college. I was a Hotel-Restaurant Administration major and had gotten a job as a server in a fine-dining restaurant.

Nathan was fresh out of culinary school and had just started as one of the sous chefs. We clicked instantly and flirted shamelessly. He looked so hot in those black-and-white-checked chef pants, and I loved the contrast of his inky black hair and pale skin. His cheeks would turn a light shade of pink from the heat in the kitchen, which always reminded me of the way a tight ass looked right after you spanked it.

It took about a week and a half before we wound up at his apartment after work, unable to get out of our clothes fast enough.

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It ended amicably, and while we made a shitty couple in a relationship sense, when it came to business, we were a perfect fit. With a killer business plan and some financial help from our parents, we got a loan to open our restaurant. Nathan was never really interested in the business and public aspect of restaurants; his passion was in the kitchen. He loved creating the food. My infatuation was for the front of the house. I loved working with the wait-staff, dealing with the bar and wine list, and schmoozing the clientele.

It was pretty much a perfect situation, and we both knew it.

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After getting settled into our rooms, we went down to the bar in the hotel and made a plan for the next day. He wanted to hit the trade floors to see the latest in kitchen design and cooking innovations, and I wanted to attend a few of the seminars. We made a list of restaurants we wanted to check out while in Atlanta, hoping to see some new ideas we could steal and take back home to use for ourselves. Sufficiently cocktailed from the hotel bar, we climbed into a cab and headed off for the restaurant, taking in the sights of Atlanta from the cab.

see Once in the restaurant, we followed the hostess to our table, giggling from the effects of our cocktails. We took our seats and looked around, discussing the interior of the restaurant.

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The tobacco-colored walls created a warm atmosphere, and a horseshoe-shaped copper bar, separating the kitchen from the dining room, was centered in the back of the restaurant against the wall. There was a door on each side of the bar with waiters going in one and out the other. One large wall was painted with an antiqued plantation-style mural of people in tuxedos and evening gowns. The tables and floors were wood, and the table settings were immaculate with oversize, almost clunky, heavy pieces of silverware.

The lighting was kept warm and intimate, which gave me a cozy, fuzzy feeling. Nathan began assessing the menu, and I started perusing the wine list. A somewhat round and rather flamboyant waiter came to the table to greet us.

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  4. He had that sort of coarse fluffy-looking red hair, which was brushed back and stood several inches off the top of his head.