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He is always dressed up in a prisoner's uniform with a useless ball and chain dragging behind him, and occasionally breaks out to capture criminals that he fancies or if there are some men that he likes that are in trouble. A-Class is the second strongest class of the Hero Association. Among the known A-Class superheroes are: [9]. He facilitates the seminar welcoming Saitama and Genos to the Hero Association, and gets irritated when they don't pay attention.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Chaos/Slaves to Darkness - 1d4chan

He tries to fight Saitama afterwards and is easily defeated. This, however, distracted the Deep Sea King until Genos arrived.

In the anime, he is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki in the Japanese version [ citation needed ] and by Kirk Thornton in the English dub. A pair of A-Class heroes. He often has a lollipop in his mouth. His weapon of choice is a slingshot , which he uses to fire golden balls made by a special metal that morph into bullets of various caliber and design.

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He uses a rapier called Tomboy that can coil like a spring and that can extend several street blocks. He and Golden Ball work together on missions. Collins in the English dub. He is ranked 20 in A-Class. He was called to City Z to look for the rumored monster in City Z after the creature had defeated Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, but he came to the scene after it was already beaten by Saitama.

He wields a spear called Bamboo Shoot. In the battle against the Clan of the Seafolk, he takes down many Clan members until the Sea King shows up and defeats him. Atomic Samurai has three A-Class disciples. According to Hellish Blizzard, they would've joined their master if it weren't for Amai Mask:. B-Class is the next tier of superheroes in the association. The B-Class superheroes who have recurred in the series are:.

He persuades the crowd to go against Saitama for being a poor hero who had damaged the town by shattering the meteor. He and Tank-Top Tiger then try to fight Saitama but are defeated. She is in charge of a large faction over 30 people Vol. As an esper , she uses an "inborn psychic ability to defeat monsters".

Her older sister is Tornado. When she was offered a chance to enter A-Class, she refused as she would have a much harder chance to advance there, and instead recruited others in B-Class believing their collective strength would help her. She overcomes being mind controlled and is able to fend them off with help from Tornado, causing the monster to retreat. Some of Blizzard's notable subordinates in the Blizzard Bunch are:. C-Class is the lowest tier of the Hero Association. Members must regularly perform weekly heroic acts, usually those of helping civilians or fighting petty criminals.

Those who are inactive for one week are removed from the Hero Registry. He first appears against Hammerhead and the Paradisers, and although he is defeated, he is given credit for defeating them. He befriends Saitama during and after the battle with the Deep Sea King, and is one of the first few heroes to acknowledge the latter's true strength.

He accuses Saitama of being a villain because he was rushing around town searching for bad guys for the purpose of maintaining his C-Class position. However, he is defeated by Sonic. They tried to attack Saitama only to be easily defeated by him. Three years prior to the series, his grandson was attacked by Crablante but was saved by a passing stranger actually Saitama.

He creates the Hero Association and the Superhero Registry to manage the superheroes who would protect humanity against supervillains, monsters, and other threats to the world. He is first seen in the Rumored Monster arc, discussing with other Hero Association members about the investigations being perpetrated by heroes in the various cities, in order to prevent eventual monsters activity.

He is a short man with a big nose and large lips. Peter in the English dub. The villains are classified by their bounties from C-class to A-class. The monsters in the series are categorized by five threat levels: God can cause human extinction , Dragon can destroy multiple towns , Demon can destroy a town , Tiger can cause massive loss of life , and Wolf generally dangerous.

Sabat in the English dub. Originally a human, he transformed into Crablante because he ate too many crabs, and then went on a murderous rampage to get revenge on a boy who drew nipples on his chest while he was asleep. After Fukegao is accidentally killed, Marugori is killed by Saitama.

The Empire

Fukegao is voiced by Takuma Suzuki in the Japanese version [ citation needed ] and by Kirk Thornton in the English dub. However, it is soon revealed that their formidable ability is actually something that Saitama was dreaming about, and that the actual race is very weak. She uses the blood acquired by the mosquitos to regenerate her limbs and become stronger. Genos had a hard time fighting her until Mosquito Girl was killed by Saitama. In the anime, she is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version, [ citation needed ] and by Cristina Vee in the English dub.

But after Saitama defeated his strongest creations when he attempted to capture him, Genus disbands his organization and opens a takoyaki restaurant named house of takoyaki with his surviving creation Armored Gorilla. He was sent by the House of Evolution along with other mutants to capture Saitama and bring him to their base as a specimen.

After facing a crippling defeat at the hands of Genos who defeated him with some effort and after he discovered that Beast King was killed by Saitama, Armored Gorilla surrendered and revealed information about the House of Evolution, so Genos decided to spare his life. The Night of Shattered Wings 7. The Hand of Fate 4. The Bridge of Blood 5. The Lord of Arrav 6.

The Forlorn Castle 7. The Manor of Barovia 8. The God Complex 9. The Forgotten Bastion The Dragon's Den The Source of Vampyrium. The Branches of Darkmeyer 4. The Citadel of Bone 5. The Black Heart 6. The Dark Dungeon 7. The Depths of Labyrinthine 8. The Ruined Temple 9. The Upper Castles of Castamere The Winding Tower The Tomb of Tolvald The Mine of Phandelver The Iron Mine 1. The Dark Moon Queen is sitting on the Moon, under the moon, 4.

Forgotten Dalesmen Inn 5. Haunted Woods of Mulmaster 6. Waters of Sulphur 7. Black Shroud Woods 8. Death and Taxes 9. Claw of the First King Underground Wastes Waking a Wail 4. Rage of Demons 5. The Dead Beggar 6. Raven's Nest - Defeat the Undead within 9. Fallen Jedi - Dark urns - 1 Lesser Demon 4.

The Bloody Hold 5. Vwial, Villa of the Vampyre 6.

Margaret Weis

The Ruins of Sescheron 7. House of Twisted Shadows 9.

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